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Welcome to iPresence, a forward thinking and innovative tech company, leader within the online entertainment industry.

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Action-oriented, ambitious, hardworking, detail-oriented and honest, our teams truly make a difference in the world of careers.


Ethics and transparency help us establish trust and confidence in sharing ownership and longevity of iPresence's future. We properly inform people so they can align their thinking with company goals.



We enable people to speak with us. Not at us. Everyone is here to help shape the direction of our company and unleash ideas and innovation that drive profitable growth.


Question Everything

We regularly question what we do and how we do it in order to move our company towards a higher standard. Our approach produces innovative outcomes, as well as missteps. Both results help growth.

Our Story

iPresence was founded in Vancouver, and organized since the very first day as a remote company, knowing that this would allow the company to recruit the best talent around the world. We have grown tremendously over the past 2 years and now have a team of over 40 people working from all over the world, including Canada, US, UK, Spain, Greece, Russia, Philippines, Australia and much more.

Our Culture

As a leader company within the online entertainment industry, we believe the way to succeed is driven by the happiness of our employees, and that's why we strive for transparency and open communication. We also do few company wide gatherings every year purely to enjoy some time together. We have already been in Barcelona, London, Phuket and Berlin among others.


iPresence is a technology first company and our products are used daily by millions of users around the world. We love to solve complex problems with the right technical solution, even if that means to sacrifice speed for quality. We always encourage our tech team to be updated with the latest trends in the industry. Reason why we offer an educational budget to every person in our team.

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